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I was supposed to be in sunny Florida today with my toes in the sand. Unfortunately, due to a small medical issue with my husband, and a trip to the doctor instead of the airport, we had to cancel our trip. What do you do when that happens? You call your trusty AAA Travel Agent and you book a very last minute trip to Disney World after a few days of rest. My husband is doing fine with some medicine, so we are off to Florida after all, just not to Longboat Key.

Longboat Key-2

Longboat Key-10

Longboat Key-3

Longboat Key-1

I am posting a few pictures from our previous trip to Longboat Key, Florida, while I am on my way to Disney World today. I will miss relaxing on the beach this week, but Disney World is a nice alternative for me, of course. Maybe staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort will help my husband feel like he is relaxing at the beach, even if we couldn’t get there. The pictures above are some of the first ones I took as we got to the resort in Longboat Key last year. It was so nice to walk out and see the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Longboat Key-4

Longboat Key-5

Longboat Key-8

Longboat Key-9

These pictures above are from a walk on the beach that I took there by myself. I felt like these walks on the beach just refreshed my soul!


We went to St. Armands Circle and did some shopping, and I just loved this little pastry shop. We just had to buy a box.

Longboat Key-15

And who could forget this sunset view from our balcony? It makes me want to stay there forever, or at least plan another trip back there. Hopefully, we will get to go back to Longboat Key sometime soon.

Travel photos are my favorite kind of photos. I do love a good landscape picture, but most of all I love to remember the trips I take and the fun I had while I was there.  I love to take pictures of the details, not just those wide vistas. It is the fun little details that I usually love the most about the trips we take anyway. Don’t just take pictures of those classic monuments or that snapshot of you under the Eiffel Tower. Take pictures of the details. Try to tell a story of your daily adventures. Most of all, make sure you get a few pictures with yourself in them too.  I am bad about not getting out from behind the camera. Most photographers would rather be behind the camera than in front of it. You’ll regret it later though if you don’t get some pictures of yourself on vacation too!





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