Why Upgrade Your Camera Body

I have been shooting with a Nikon D3200 for quite a while now. I like this camera, but I wanted something with a little better low light capability. I found myself using my camera in low light situations a lot, and I wanted to get something that performed better in those situations. Mainly, I wanted something that could handle a higher ISO without giving me a lot of noise in my pictures. I have some fast lenses. I have a Nikon 50 mm, f1.8, and a 35 mm, f1.8, and I wanted to be able to use these in a dark situation without any additional lightening, such as flash.

I would love to jump to a full frame camera someday, but right now my budget doesn’t permit it. I looked at several models of the Nikon crop sensor cameras, and I decided on the Nikon D5500. I have always loved getting new camera equipment, but I have never been so in love with a camera!


One of the greatest things about this camera for me is that it has a touch screen display. For those of us who are addicted to our iPhones, you will probably love this feature. From the reviews I saw online, either you love the touch screen or you hate it. I am in the LOVE category. You can pinch to zoom when you are reviewing a picture just like you do on your smart phone. You can also change most of the settings through the touchscreen, instead of searching through the menu list using the buttons.


Now this is not a full review of this camera. I haven’t really had it for long, and I am still learning all the ends and outs of its features. So far though, I have really liked it. Maybe in a few years I will be able to make the jump to a full frame camera or even go mirrorless, but for now I am very happy with my new baby.

One of the main reasons why I take pictures in a dark setting without any added lighting is so that I can get natural pictures of my dogs. My dogs hate flash!

Nikon D5500, f 3.5, 35 mm, 1/80 Sec, ISO 4000
Nikon D5500, f 1.8, 35 mm, 1/60 Sec, ISO 800

I don’t just change camera bodies every time a new model comes out. Although it is nice to get new equipment, I usually try to expand my lens collection or take a class rather than upgrade my body. However, there are times when you hit the limit of your camera’s capabilities. Then it is time to consider if a new body will better suit your needs.

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